Thursday, December 1, 2011

our thankful tree

I wanted to do art projects with the kids that were fun for them but also some that had meaning. Activities that made them think and open their hearts a bit. This is what we made first.

This is our family's thankful tree and my new centerpiece for the dinner table.
I rallied the kids one afternoon and we scoured the empty lot next to my parent's house for appropriate sticks. I put the sticks in a vase I already had and filled the vase with black rocks.
I found some leaf templates and cut out different shapes and colors from construction paper. Punched a hole in one end and used yarn to tie to said sticks.

Each member of our family chose three leaves and wrote what they were thankful for on them.

My plan is to keep this centerpiece all year long and change the template to whatever the holiday or season is. We will be making our Christmas templates very soon!

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