Friday, September 23, 2011

holy homeschooling, Batman!

Today we completed our third week of homeschooling. I survived our first three weeks. Don't they say if you can make it through the first three weeks of homeschool you can make it through anything? Who is they? I surely do not know who they are, but they got it right because the past three weeks have been some of the most trying times of my 33 years in existence on this planet. And to add cherries on top, I got sick.

But in the words of my dear husband, to be completely honest with you, I am thoroughly enjoying having our four children home to learn. Yes, we had a bad day. Then we had an even worse day. But then we had the best day ever! I expected this and know that this new journey will require lots and lots of patience, from all of us. But that is the beauty of homeschool. We are home to learn and grow in our relationships with each other. We can be flexible. We can change it if it is not working. I want what is best for each of our children. My husband and I both do.

I am so happy with our decision. I am at peace about it. Today I asked Luke  what his thoughts are on homeschool. His answer, "Still iffy." I am totally OK with that. In fact, I am great with that answer. He is keeping an open mind. That is what I asked of him.

So, to sum up, no one expelled yet! And no breaking news about homeschooling mom of four declared crazy from lack of adult socialization!

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