Monday, August 22, 2011

daughter of mine

                                  here you are                            
standing right in front of me
growing up to be
so much like me

dramatic and goofy
craving attention and acceptance
little white lies
curious and emotional
confident yet conflicted
a better version than me
in you I can already see

and I forget
in the midst of all things boy
you in your beauty
you in your sweet spirit
need to be allowed to soar
need to be hugged
whispered to in your ear

so that you know
no one can take your gifts away
no one can take your worth
He has given you grace
He has washed you clean

you continue to be
a little Princess and the Pea
and yet
a little like sweet Orphan Annie
your spunk
your style
your grace
oh yes, who can forget that face!

my daughter
my mirror
my gem
my heart


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, inside and out, like her mom. :)

Richelle said...

This is from Aunt Richelle:

This is absolutely soul-stirring. I relate so well to your mother-daughter tail of seeing yourself in your child, and yet knowing and accepting that she is an individual, fearfully and wonderfully made. But it's your word choice that really draws me, the alliteration and rhyme make this piece sing and dance. You are a wonderful writer. Thank you for sharing.