Saturday, August 20, 2011

up to and in to

I thought you all might enjoy a post on what our four beauties are up to and in to these days.
 As you can see, Luke does not care for getting his picture taken. Luke turned 11 in May. He is incredibly witty and when it comes to schoolwork he is extremely independent. He is critical of his siblings. He goes out of his way to show love to his Grandparents. His relationship with Micah, our 7 year old son, is growing closer. He wears the same clothes days in a row. He bought himself an ipod with his own money. He likes his hair long. He battles with his anger. He is becoming somewhat moody. He is playing football. He is mildly obsessed with sweets, like his Mama. Luke is taking guitar lessons and is a  joy to be around! 

 Madison, sweet Madison. Except when she is not sweet. Then you better take cover and let her run it out. She is emotional and has a knack for figuring out all things technology based. She still loves wearing high heels and lipstick, when we allow her to. She is a talented and graceful classical ballerina. Her memory is superb, unless it involved bringing home her planner from school. She is a social butterfly and your typical mother hen. She tattles a lot. She hates cleaning her room with a passion. Madison is a pack rat. She is very confident around boys. She runs super fast. She is happy wearing t-shirts and shorts. She does not deal with being tired well at all. She has been caught lieing some lately. She loves loves loves to sing. Every night when I tuck her in bed she asks questions. Madison craves to feel accepted and loved. And I for one love her very much!

In the photograph below, the bigger boy is Bubba. That is what his Daddy calls him at least. I can not bring myself to call him that. So he is Micah to me. This kid is so cool. He is quiet around others and rarely got in trouble at school. He is a leader. He has such an amazing natural athletic ability. He is playing football. He never boasts. He loves all fruit. He has lost both front teeth. He argues with his mom and dad. He has great facial expressions when telling a story. He is outside every chance he gets. He puts up with his little brother constantly following his every move extremely well. He is a man's man. He has a special relationship with my Dad. Micah claims he is bored all the time. He loves to snuggle at nighttime. He is a fisherman at heart. He has taught me to think outside the box and how to show love deliberately.

And of course, the little whipper snapper is Brady. There are so many words to describe this child, both good and not so good. To put things in perspective let me start off by saying he is four years old. He is always on the go. He is a hitter and a kicker. He doesn't listen very well. He loves boiled peanuts. His hair is long and I love it. He is obsessed with his big brother, Micah. He wants to know where we are going and who will be there. He misses his siblings while they are not home. He dresses himself every morning. He is obsessed with hats at the present time. And shorts with pockets. He describes things as beautiful a lot. He gives awesome hugs. He loves playing with kids his own age and doesn't understand when they don't want to play with him. He thinks he is 10 years old and will tell you he is five years old, neither being correct. He flashes a side mouthed smile that cracks me up and melts my heart.    

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