Monday, February 7, 2011


 It was a day just like any other day. By 9 o'clock Brady and I had played with dinosaurs, built a huge Batman cave with giant blocks, raced our cars up and down the living room floor and eaten numerous spoonfuls of peanut butter for snack. I was desperate for a distraction from me for my little guy.

I told Brady to round up his construction trucks and meet me at the table. He said, "My what?!" Your construction trucks honey. He then wrinkled his nose and said, "I don't know what your talkin bout." Your worker trucks honey. You know the ones. He then ran to his room without saying a word and I assumed he had an ah-ah moment. And he did.
He played for a good while with rice and his worker trucks. Pouring the rice in the dump truck and then dumping it out. It gave me a chance to rest my limbs that had been climbed upon off and on all morning. Do you ever feel like a human jungle gym? I sure do.
We also got out cookie cutters and played with them. These were actually mine when I was young that my Mom has passed down to my kids. Check out Ronald McDonald.
I always love hearing from other moms and what they do for creative play. Feel free to comment with your own playtime ideas and adventures. Happy playing! 

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Cute! Great idea!