Saturday, August 7, 2010

To homeschool or not to homeschool? That is the question.

Our friend Amber came in to town from Colorado Tuesday. She used to babysit our children in Colorado and is Micah's Godmother.

I have been thinking a lot about homeschooling our children lately. Am I crazy?! I never in a million years thought I would be thinking so intently and gathering information on homeschooling. But how do I know it is right for our children and our family? What are the questions I should be asking myself?

I have had more than one person say that so many life experiences are learned in traditional school. Yes, that is true. Name me one life experience that absolutely cannot be learned outside a traditional school setting and is necessary for surviving life's journey?

My mind is swimming with questions and inquires on homeschooling. I think about all the money our family pours into school on a monthly basis. I think about time wasted in a traditional school setting. I think about the things my children learn at school that don't jive with what my husband and I want our children to know at their ages. On the other hand, I think about everything our children have learned at their wonderful school. I think about the friends they will miss. I think about the structure of a traditional school and wonder if I would be able to provide that same structure, or at least a similiar one.

I guess I am doubting myself moreso than homeschooling itself. 

I am going to start the kids in their school this Thursday as planned. I am going to continue to research and pray about homeschooling. We will decide if homeschool is right for our family at Christmas time.

So there you have it.

Do you homeschool your children? If so please share with me why you homeschool in the comments of this post. Are you opposed to homeschool? If so I would love to hear why in the comments of this post.


Susie said...

I didn't homeschool but I have a friend who does. It has it pros and cons. One of the pros is that you can give than more of a one on one teaching. One of the cons is that they don't get to play sports like football. Eventually she let them go to the high school and play football and everything turned out. They really enjoyed being with other kids.

Susie said...

I have a good friend that blogs and had just lost a brother in an accident this week. She is struggling also. I thought the two of you may be able to comfort each other. Go to my blog and hers is the one that says The Kaelins. Hope you both can find peace through all of this.