Tuesday, August 10, 2010

straight talk

I am up extra early today. I have no idea why. We are dog sitting for my parents while they stay at the beach a night  or two with my aunt and uncle. Shadow is my brother's dog. I always wonder if Shadow misses Martin and knows that he is gone to heaven. Does she think about Martin and get sad at times? I wonder......

I have been a busy little bee the past few days. I am washing uniforms and getting them organized in the kids closets. School starts on Thursday. I can't believe summer is coming to an end!

I spent a good part of the day yesterday going through bins of paperwork and filing and shredding. Ahhhhhhh....feels so good to purge.

Homeschooling our children is still weighing heavy on my heart. I will continue to do research on Alabama homeschool laws and talk to families I know that homeschool their children. I have been getting a lot of feedback from all of you, and our friends and family on their thoughts of homeschool versus traditional school. It's all very interesting and much appreciated.

What I am about to tell you may shock you, so be prepared. Here goes. I am having baby fever! I know I know! What's up with that?! Well Brady is three and growing up so quickly. I remember when he was a newborn and was so tiny and helpless. I remember late night feedings and cuddling just he and I. I remember how our other three children loved him so when we brought him home and our family felt complete. And now here I am thinking about having a fifth babe! Well, God has a plan for our family and if we are meant to be a team of 7 then it shall be!

Oh I almost forgot. Brady pooped in the potty on Sunday! Yay Brady! We have been waiting for this day. So, as promised, my mom picked up Brady yesterday morning and took him to get a big Buzz Lightyear. My husband and I are so proud of our little guy. We did a poop in the potty happy dance with Brady. I think Brady was shocked he let himself poop in the potty. He would hold his poop in and end up having an accident in his underwear. Brady said it would hurt if he pooped in the potty. We are hoping it wasn't a fluke and he continues to poop in the potty.

Luke, Maddie and Micah found out who their teahers are last night. We go to the school this evening to meet the teachers and drop books off. How exciting!

This has turned out to be a pretty long straight talk. I am off to fix breakfast. 

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Jo said...

makes me nervous you are thinking of #5. The last 50% of your children you had I ended up pregnant too! I'm not ready, so DON'T jinx me! :0)