Wednesday, August 18, 2010

first day blues

Our little Brady James had his first day of school yesterday.

We decided to put him in moms day out two days a week for now. He had been talking about going to school for days and wearing his backpack around the house. Brady got very upset when Luke, Maddie, and Micah got to start school and he did not. We felt fairly confident he would do well and be hip to the idea of saying goodbye to Mama for a little while and going to his own school.

Boy were we wrong.

Brady was fine getting dressed for school. He was fine packing his lunch and getting his backpack on.

He was even fine loading in the car and driving to school. It was once we got to school, stepped inside the building and were walking down the hallway that he came to a screeching halt. He started shaking his head saying he didn't want to go to school. He needed his Mama. The tears were streaming down his cheeks and he had my neck in a death grip.

Aaron and I walked in his class with him and showed him around. Aaron took him to the Lego's and tried to get him distracted while I met his teacher. Brady watched his Daddy like a hawk. If Aaron moved his leg the slightest bit, Brady's lip would start to quiver.

We finally just had to sneak out when he wasn't paying attention. Only we weren't sneaky enough. As we walked out the door we could hear him crying.

I was fine. Really I was. My husband on the other hand....not so much.

Let's just leave it at that.

Four hours later I went to pick up my baby. This is the face I was greeted with.

He survived his first day of school, as did his mom and dad. His teacher assured us he stopped crying soon after we left and he had an excellent day. He even made a friend, Jessie.

We shall see how day #2 goes this Friday.

Just look at that face! Those blue eyes. That pointy chin. That Buster Brown hair do.

Someone should really outlaw cuteness of this magnitude.



Staci said...

So glad he had a good day. Lucy starts on the 8th and I have a feeling she's going to be a tough one! Since I worked util Max was 4 and Abby was 2, they were both used to being left with a babysitter. I quit working right before Lucy was born so she has had me just about 24/7 for the past *almost* 3 years. She is my shadow. It's also not going to help that she'll know that when she's at school Ruby will be getting all of my attention!

Susie said...

He looked so sweet!! Glad everything went ok for him. I know it is usually harder on the parents though.

Gina said...

So glad it went well!