Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Are you ready for some football? We sure are! Luke and Micah are playing football this year for their school. They have been anxiously awaiting since we signed up last spring to start practicing. Finally the time has come. We eat, sleep, poop, dream, walk, talk and live football right now. And I am okay with that. I am more than okay with it actually. I love their enthusiasm. I love their hunger for knowledge. I love their attentiveness to learning about football and all the rules, strategies and conditioning methods.

My husband has taken on the role of head coach for Luke's team. I am so proud of him. He has wanted to coach his boys for a long time but his work schedule never allowed it. Until now! I am so glad he is able to do this with his boys. What a blessing!

Here are some pre-season pictures I took the other day of the boys.

Madison is a cheerleader for Luke's team.

Like I said, we are ready for football. Are you?

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Susie said...

Good to see when kids are excited to play a sport and enjoy it. That is nice to see that their dad get's to be coach.