Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me! Monday

This past week I did nothing as a mother I would rather not mention on my blog. Nope. I had no shortcomings or moments of complete frustration. I was an angel of a mother. Really I was. I deserve a halo in fact. Yup. Halo worthy am I.

For example. The few times I gave our two year old a bath I most definately washed his hair along with washing his body. I didn't just not wash his hair because he pitches an absolute fit every single time I attempt to rinse his hair full of shampoo. (I usually turn him over to Daddy at that point if he is home because Brady only lets him rinse his hair. What's up with that?)

What about you? Are you halo worthy? 

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Our family got some wonderful news today. My husband has accepted a job offer with a local college! He is so very deserving of this position! Please continue to pray for our family for it does bring some changes about. We couldn't be happier though!

We are continuing our plans for me to be able to quit work and stay home with our four children. We are making some huge decisions for our family over the next couple months. Very exciting stuff! I will keep you all posted. Keep the team in your prayers that we follow God's will and remain forever on His path for our family!  


Gina said...

Great news! It is so good to have your husband work close to home. No long travel times. More time with the kids. I hope your plan to be at home with the kids works out. I was lucky enough to have time with mine when they were too young for school. I wouldn't swap that time for all the money in the world !

Staci said...

Congrats on your husband's new job! I will be praying for your family and hope that you are able to be a SAHM. I have enjoyed my past 3 years being at home. Unfortunately I am going to have to try to go back to work next school year for financial reasons. I'm praying I can get back to the school I was at when I quit. It's where Max goes and Abby will be there next year as well...that would be ideal :)

Sari said...

God is so good! Congratulations Jess, and to Aaron of course, for the new change. It is a wonderfully blessed way to start 2010!
Praying for you all as you move closer to staying home. So very happy for you.Much love.