Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What inspires you? What lifts your spirit and allows you to soar?

My unique and fascinating children inspire me. Yes, they sometimes inspire me to want to jump off a mountain top screaming and kicking the whole way down....whoah, was that out loud?


For the most part, they inspire me to write. To better myself as a mother, a wife, a God fearing woman, and daughter. They have taught me so much over the past nine years. About life, love, priorities, humility, pure and simple joy. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with Luke, I have been a changed woman. For the better. I have struggled along the way. At times, reached the lowest of lows. But those times have molded me into who I am at this very moment. I am forever asking for forgiveness, but who among us isn't? And if you aren't, then you need to fall on your knees and start. But I am also forever knowing that there is a path for me. It has already been paved for me. I look to Him for direction and steadfastness(is that even a word? I am too lazy to look it up.) And like clockwork, He guides me. You...your good You! It inspires me to know that I have HIM guiding me. I for sure couldn't make it on my own. No way, no how. And thanks to God, I don't have to!

I am inspired to take the necessary steps to better myself. Whatever that looks like. Sacrifice. Doing without. Cutting back. I want to be the best mother for my children. I want to be the best wife for my husband. I want to be the best child of God I can be. Somehow, he always knows our needs. Doesn't he? It amazes me, how life can just fall into place. It doesn't always happen on our time, but when it does happen, it is like a huge AH HAH moment!

I want to be a Stay at Home Mom. I am inspired to make that happen.

What inspires you? What advice/tips/words of wisdom can you give to an aspiring SAHM?

I'm all ears!!!  

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