Friday, December 18, 2009

L & M

I remembered the camera for Luke and Madison's Christmas program. But for some odd reason not a single photo from the actual play turned out. All the children have red demon eyes and the lighting is very dim. Weird, I know.

I did manage to get Luke and Maddie together post play and snap a few very good photos. I have to say, my husband and I have the four most beautiful children in the entire universe!

Just look at these two.

Look at those smiles. The twinkle in their eyes.

I love you L & M!


Gina said...

They are gorgeous looking kids. Don't forget you get to take credit for 50% of them!

If we did anything good my Granny would say "They get that from our side of the family" anything not so good she would say..."they don't get that from our side"

So where do your kids get their looks from...?!

Farrellsx3 said...

What smiles! Gosh they are both getting so big!

Just my opinion but definitely their mothers side (no offense to Dad) :) I wish we were closer to share in moments like those. You have an incredible bunch o'kiddos.

RachelZ said...

jess, the kids look beautiful! Wait to go Luke on your show! Hope y'all enjoy your christmas, and I wish I was there to celebrate!