Sunday, December 20, 2009

loss and life

We have had a terrible loss in our neighborhood this weekend. Our neighbor, Mr. Harris, tragically passed away. His son is Luke's best friend. Mr. Harris leaves behind a wife and two son's. Please keep the Harris family wrapped in your love and prayers. May God be with them.

 It has hit our family hard, especially Luke. It will continue to unearth questions as the days pass, I am sure. What a horrible thing for a child to have to deal with. What do you say? How do you comfort? For me, I can't stop thinking about Mr. Harris and the last time I saw him. It was the night he passed away. He looked fine. He looked normal. He kindly piggy backed Micah home from watching a movie at his house. I remember his face vividly. I always will. I will miss you.

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What a busy fun filled week and weekend we had, and are still having! It was the kids last week of school for two whole weeks so anticipation and sugar highs were flying. I had not one, but three class Christmas parties to shuffle to and from on Friday. Hands down, no contest, the second grade girls win the prize for loudest mouths! Holy moly! The squeels. The high pitched laughter. The toothless smiles! I love it!
We had the school Christmas program last week also. Luke had a starring role as the Leutenant Star. Look out Broadway! Here comes Luke!
My husband and I went to my work Christmas party in the city across the bay. We shared hugs, inside jokes, poems, and cheer. It was a lovely party.
Saturday was a bit different. We grieved over the loss of a friend. Comforted our children and had some serious talks. We spent time with the family. We prayed. I hugged my husband and kids a little tighter.
Saturday night, as soon as it got dark, we loaded up the children and drove across the bay to Bellingrath Gardens. The garden grounds are lit up with thousands of lights. It was magical. Purely delightful. A wonderful family tradition. We walked around hand in hand(okay, not really) and sipped hot cocoa. Poor Micah started to not feel well and slept the whole time in the stroller. Brady did really well walking the whole time. We all had a great time.
Today we prepared baked ziti for our neighbors and potato soup for our own dinner. My husband started a fire and we invited the neighborhood kids to have s'mores with us. I had forgotten just how scrumptious s'mores are. Don't even get me started on roasted marshmallows. How melt-in-your-mouth finger licking good they are. 

Our December will continue to be busy, what with Christmas in five days and all! Are you ready for Santa? Are you ready for baby Jesus?

What are you and yours up to this joyous season?   

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