Friday, April 20, 2012

to not forget to

These days, if I don't write something down, there is a very good chance I will forget it. Whether it's an appointment, a blog post idea, phone number, grocery item, field trip, you name is all but remembered if not on my calendar. Insert my love for planners and colorful sticky notes here. Yes, it is true. I love my planner and the use of sticky notes. I use a monthly calendar. I like to see the whole month right in front of me. That way my commitments are staring me in the face when someone calls and needs me to bake 300 mini-muffins for the church bazaar. Not that that has ever happened, but you see how that could be a dilemma if not for my handy dandy calendar.

With a family of 6, it is of great importance that I keep track of all things scheduled or planned. God forbid I have to be in three places at once (happens often during sports events) and neglect to arrange L a ride home from football practice. Then comes the call of sullen guilt from poor L because his mother f.o.r.g.o.t to pick him up. And the downward spiral has begun. You can imagine the frantic behavior that erupts in my body.

Speaking of frantic behavior, have you ever been driving down the road and practically jump out of your skin realizing that one of your children is not in the car? Images of her (or him) quickly scan through your mind and you remember that she is at a library event and Susie Q's mom is picking her up. Phew. Panic city. My heart is racing just writing that. And yes, that happens to me on a somewhat regular basis.

Anywhoo. Back to my calendar. I use a monthly calendar to manage our family schedule. I use sticky notes if I need additional back-up. I prefer bright colored stickys, but the drab yellow will do just fine. There are tons of free calendar/planning printables online available for use. You can create your own planner in a binder which comes in handy if you need to add additional resources. Plus it can be reused year after year. I prefer a planner that is bound like a book. I usually pick one up at Target or Wal-Mart for under $10. A fair price to pay for mom's sanity.

Do you ever draw a blank when you pray? Does your mind wonder off and you find it hard to stay focused on praying for your family and those that so desperately need your prayers? Mine sure does. This is why I have decided to keep a prayer journal. I write down in my journal those that have asked for prayers, specific prayers for my children and my husband, and anything else that I want to be sure and remember to pray over. I read a great article yesterday in my HomeLife Magazine titled "Praying circles around your children". It had some wonderfully insightful things to say about prayer and its importance. As a parent, prayer is our single most powerful tool. "It turns parents into prophets who shape the destinies of their children." How awesome is that! No pressure right."Prayers never die. They live on in the lives of those who are prayed for." So for the times my mind is all over the place and the times I am too exhausted to remember, I want to make a prayer journal to keep beside my bed.

I found this example of a DIY prayer journal which I love. It is from this cute blog, the macs! I will make it one day(sigh), but until then, I found this to use.

Happy journaling...and remembering to!

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