Friday, April 13, 2012

before. after

I like my house for the most part. It is small for our family of six. Small houses make tight families. I don't really have a decorating style. I don't think anyway. I like simplicity, color, farmhouse, old and rustic, wire baskets, built-ins, vintage... yada yada ya. I love being able to use pieces of furniture that have been in my family for years. I also love taking pieces found at rummage sales or consignment shops and give them a fresh look. Okay, I have good intentions of giving my rummage sale finds a fresh look.

Case in point. Exhibit A.
 I found this piece while we were still living in Colorado. I eyed this baby at an estate sale and knew I had to have it. I had visions of painting it sea foam green or a pale blue. 
It lived in my garage for many months. I finally brought it in the house without painting it because I needed the storage for school books and supplies. I have grown to like the bright yellow but visions of sea foam still dance in my head.
I did, however, do some painting and sanding today.



I think they need a tad more sanding and then they will be perfect. Or I just may paint them sea foam green.;)

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Anonymous said...

They turned out great!!! Mom