Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a master wiper

I know, I know....the photo I currently have as my blog's header was taken last summer. It was the last time we took a family photo. Being that my husband and I are part of the team as well, I wanted to start featuring our faces on my blog. We'll see how long that lasts. We spent all morning at a neighborhood park. There was a total of nine children and two moms. The weather was beautiful and nine kids is just too many to entertain inside. We ordered five pizzas for lunch and watched as ten children devoured them quickly.

The kids are all loving our geography curriculum, Road Trip USA, from Confessions of a Homeschooler. It is fun, straightforward, educational and inexpensive! I downloaded it straight to my computer! She has a few other curriculums we are interested in as well.

I am trying hard to teach my children responsibility. Responsibility for their possessions, responsibility for their actions, for their siblings, and other people who might need their love and support. Along with other character traits such as diligence, compassion, integrity, and having a servant's heart. Just to name a few, of course.

I was thinking today that I should be called a master of all things that need to be wiped. Why? Because I spend a lot of my day wiping stuff. I wipe the kitchen counters at least three times a day. I wipe off the kitchen table after every meal. Okay that is not true, but it gets wiped. I wipe bottoms, for heaven's sake! I wipe noses. I wipe away dirt and blood from cuts and scratches. I Wipe away tears. I wipe my children's "slate" clean with forgiveness and love. Just like God wipes my "slate" clean and forgives me of my sins.

I am reading The Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman. So far, so good. My husband is obsessed with reading, The Hunger Games. He is determined to have it finished by this Friday when the movie comes out.

My new favorite snack are organic rice cakes.

My husband and I celebrated 6 years of marriage March 18th. I will tell you our story and why I love this guy from Indiana so darn much soon.

Happy Wednesday!

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