Wednesday, March 7, 2012

glamorous, I know

Oh how I have missed blogging! I actually just got back in town from traveling to Costa Rica where I layed in the sun and surfed with the sunrise. No, wait, that doesn't sound very believable. I was actually hiking in Western Europe. No, that doesn't sound like me either. What about eating beignets in Paris? Nope. I didn't think so. I wish I could tell you I've been living a glamorous life with no time to take a breath and sit down to write. Glamour is not the case. But a lack of time and energy is. Here is a tiny glimpse of what I have been doing. These snapshots are in no particular order.

"Mom, I'm doooone!" "I'll be right there"! (This is Brady calling for me to, ahem, wipe his bottom. Glamour, no doubt.)

Attempted to make dried strawberries and utterly failed.
I made frozen yogurt bites that are very tasty and refreshing though.

Celebrated a very special 5th birthday with Brady! He got many wonderful gifts including more angry birds and a Mississippi State Pillow Pet.

We are spending every Saturday across the bay cheering on our three basketball players. One more game to go, thank goodness. Oops, was that out loud?

After two years and I don't know how many months, sweet Madison cut her long locks and donated them to Pantene's Beautiful Hair Foundation. What a precious gesture from a tender hearted 10 year old.

Micah, our 8 year old, has a hard time, how should I say, taming his tongue, and therefore has gotten into trouble many times because of it. He recognizes, though, his struggle with this bad habit. That is a huge defeat on his part. He is trying to think before he speaks, as much as an eight year old boy can.

Luke's most prized possession, his ipod, was washed and dried by yours truly. I always check the pockets but neglected to check his cargo pockets that day. We both learned our lesson!

We started our new geography curriculum, Road Trip USA. We are only on Lesson 5 but I think we are all really going to enjoy it!

Micah is following in the footsteps of his older brother and taking guitar lessons.

My husband and I are in a very good season in our marriage.

Good times. Lots and lots of good times.

I gotta run now. Brady is having a pretend birthday party for Bully, his Pillow Pet. I am in charge of, well, everything.

Happy Wednesday!
(It is Wednesday right?)


Bellismom said...

I washed my iPod TWICE and it started working again several months later. Now, I didn't dry it so I'm not sure how much that may have hurt it but if you haven't gotten rid of it yet hang on to it. You never know!

the ref said...

Thanks for the tip! it actually plays music we found out but the screen still doesn't work. Luke had been asking for a squirt bottle to kill mosquito hawks with and it broke the 2nd day he had it. The kid just can't catch a break right now!