Thursday, January 13, 2011

that about sums it up

Well...we are 13 days in to 2011. Say good-bye to 2010. What a year it was! 2010 was a year of highs and some of the lowest lows I have ever experienced.

To name a few:

Our oldest son, Luke, turned 10. He is now in double digits which of course is a huge deal. And let me just say what an amazing kid he is. Such a joy to be around, truly. He is incredibly witty, obedient, has a thirst for knowledge and has grown by leaps and bounds in so many ways emotionally. I think a lot of that has to do with losing his Uncle Martin.

Micah learned to read and came such great lengths in his speech. Micah's teacher told us that he was the kindest child she had ever taught. And she has been teaching a long time! He also played football for the first time and was trained to be one of the quarterbacks for next year. He lost his first tooth. He turned 6.

Madison received First Holy Communion. She proved herself time and time again to have a heart of gold and compassion towards others. She was the flower girl in her Aunt's wedding. She turned 9.

After months of trials and tribulations, Brady was 100% potty trained in 2010. He was the, ahem, ring bearer in his Aunt's wedding. He learned how to say the word 'fix' correctly. He used to say 'fisk'. I honestly miss hearing him say fisk!

As for my marriage, again highs and lows. My husband and I have been going to counseling. We love our counselor and feel blessed to have a Godly mentor leading us down the path to healing.

The lowest low of 2010, and possibly my life up to now, was the death of my brother, Martin, in April. He was only 16 years old. Tears flow as I write that sentence. Still so shocking and unreal. It has stirred up questions and emotions so vulnerable and childlike. I have never been so interested in knowing and studying all about Heaven. I have never plummeted so deep ino my faith and relationship with God. I felt, and still feel, it was the only way to make sense of this pain and loss.

2010 was a year for grieving, clinging, crying, comforting, remembering, honoring, reading, squeezing, belonging, yearning, missing and believing.

Yep.............that about sums it up! 

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Sari said...

Missed your writings sis. Here is to a brand new year and a brand new decade-filled with Gods grace and peace to each and every one of you.

Miss you guys and love you. Very much.