Monday, January 17, 2011


We took a trip to New Orleans the weekend before Christmas. It was a crisp cool weekend but the sun shone bright. My parents were with us. It was actually my Dad's brilliant idea in the first place.

We rode a streetcar, saw the SuperDome, went to the Insectarium, walked around the city a lot and played at Audubon park.

Oh yes, and we played in these feather Mardi Gras wraps.

And hats.

Can you guess what covers Micah's nose and lips?

If you guessed powdered sugar you are right!! We couldn't visit NOLA without getting drenched in powdered sugar while eating beignets at Cafe du Monde.

One of the oldest traditions in New Orleans are the street artists. We watched in awe of these guys for a good while.

We had a wonderful time in New Orleans. It is great to visit this city during the holiday season with all the lights, decorations, music and hustle and bustle. I was sure hoping to run into Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints but, alas, we did not. Next time!


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Gina said...

Now you have made me so jealous! I wish I had sugar dust all over my face too! Looks like you had some great family time. Glad to see you happy.