Saturday, January 29, 2011

sing it Saturday

I was torn on which song to share today. My emotions have been all over the map the past week. Should I choose a happy song, a sad song, a song about Heaven or a song about dying? I chose to share a song about forgiveness. The song is Forgiven by Skillet, and it is for my children. All four of them LOVE Skillet! And I love that they love Skillet!

The words ring such truth. No matter how many promises have been broken, no matter how many lies have been told or how many times we have denied Him, He has and will always forgive us. Isn't that amazing! I myself find it so hard to truly forgive my husband for even the small stuff at times. And just like that, He forgives me for my sins! I should be ashamed!

So sit back and enjoy and know in your heart from this day forward that you are forgiven.

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