Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sandy B

It seems as though I have posted a lot of pictures of our youngest lately while totally neglecting the others. These days have been filled with trips to the pool, hanging out, beating the heat, potty training, snacking on berries and melon, and playing with friends. It is getting harder and harder to get L, M and M in front of a camera for long. I hope to remedy this soon.

So for now, you will just have to endure this little one playing in water at a local restaurant.

Well, we had to get all the sand off somehow!

There is a restaurant down at the Gulf called the Hangout. Totally kid-friendly,
as you can clearly see. Could possibly be a sand nightmare for mom and dad.

Brady was playing on the giant sand dune....

.....and loving every minute!

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Lin said...

You have a beautiful family, looks like Brady had a lot of fun!