Friday, July 30, 2010

all about Luke


Can't live with them.

Can't live without them.

Our oldest, Luke, is ten years old. He amazes me with his knowledge. He knows all about reptiles, planets, playing chess, world records, Star Wars and so much more. His imagination is at it's best when he is building with legos. Luke has always been pretty independent. He was never afraid of the dark(at least he never told us if he was). He is very brave. He is definately coming into his own. Take his hair for example. He has never really cared much about his hair style. He has always let us have most of the say so, except for his sideburns. He has to have long sideburns! Like Elvis! Okay, not that long but you get my point. Luke has gorgeous thick very dark brown hair. This summer he wanted to let it grow out. I thought, sure why not. I actually was glad he wanted to. His bangs are now below his eyes and he's got that side head swing going on to keep his bangs out of his face. I love it! I love seeing Luke begin to care about those things he could have cared less about six months ago.

Luke is a rule maker. Being the oldest, he always takes charge and during playtime makes the rules as they go. And said rules are always subject to change at any given moment. For as long as I can remember, Luke has been a leader. His friends and siblings look up to him.

Luke has a messy room. There is a trail of lego pieces from one side to the other. Be careful where you step!

Luke. Loves. Sweets.

Luke wears the same shirt and shorts for days. If we didn't tell him to change his clothes, he probably never would.

Luke has amazingly long eyelashes.

Luke has an incredible memory.

Luke is sarcasticly funny, he makes up songs with his friend G, he loves LSU football and is extremely literal.

Luke is all about wearing his shades this summer.

He would rather be cold than hot.

He thinks he needs deodorant...or maybe he just likes the smell.

Luke loves his own bed.

Luke misses his Uncle Martin.

Luke is my first born, my rock, my guide.


Anonymous said...

Just a few more things about Luke if you don't mind...
Luke loves ice cream
Luke likes to be home
(Both are just like his Grandad!)
And one last comment...Luke is Cool!
Love, Grandad

Pam said...

All children are special, but there is that obvious connection with the first born. I have it with mine too. :) Following you now thru Colleen's Mural Maker & More blog. Pam @ Sallygoodin