Tuesday, June 29, 2010

straight talk

Does your brain ever feel like it is going to explode? Like it is so jamm packed of to-do lists, blog post ideas, appointment reminders, grocery lists, potty training tips, summer reading books, adventure ideas, and thoughts on what the heck to cook for dinner that at any given moment it could burst into a thousand tiny pieces? Yeah, mine neither!

Seriously though. My mind races all the time now. I ly in bed thinking about crazy stuff. I take deep breaths and try to clear my mind of all the chaos. Nothing. Like who thinks about ways to organize the pantry when they lay their head to rest? Who makes a to-do in their head for the next morning when they are suppose to be getting some shut eye?! I can't be the only one. Can I?

Potty training with Brady is, well, going. He still hasn't quite mastered the art of telling me when he needs to go to the bathroom. So I end up taking him every 45 minutes or so. There are days when he doesn't have any accidents and there are days when he has three or four. Still no pooping in the potty either. But he talks constantly about the big Buz Lightyear Grandmom is going to buy him when he does poop in the potty!

We are having a great summer! We are staying busy playing on our backyard waterslide, going to the pool, doing artwork, organizing the house, taking road trips, visiting family and playing board games.

We will welcome our family down to the Gulf Coast this week and then more next week! I just love summer time! 

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Staci said...

I'm right there with you on the exploding mind! UGH! I am also potty training right now. I started a couple of weeks ago with Lucy and it was a huge bust so I gave up after 3 days of fighting and screaming and whining (her...not me). We were out of town last week and then last night I laid it on the table for her and told her if she wanted to go to school in the Fall then she was going to HAVE to start using the potty. I told her we were going to start in the morning. I took the pull-up off this morning and she has been going like gangbusters all day...huh? Oh well, tomorrow she'll probably refuse to do it at all so I should be grateful we had one good day :) My son Max had NO INTEREST in it at all until he turned 3 and I had to constantly set the timer and take him because he wouldn't tell me when he had to go either. He also REFUSED to go poop on the potty and I stopped battling that when he let himself get so constipated we had him at the ER and he was on the verge of getting an enema when he finally let it out. I told him he could poop in a pull-up but had to pee on the potty. Then, one day about 7 months after we started potty training he decided to poop on the potty all by himself and that was that. Boys...go figure :)