Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What I want is for you to ask me how I am doing.
Ask me how I am feeling.
Ask me if I miss Martin and if I think about him all the time.
Ask me if I weep uncontrollably at times.  
Ask me if I need anything from you.

Let me talk to you about what I am experiencing.
Let me lay my head in your lap in silence.
Let me ramble off stories and happenings.
Let me fall into your arms and feel safe.
Let me be.

Stop wasting time.
Stop wasting thoughts.
Stop wasting assumptions.
Stop wasting your energy on worldly treasures.
Stop wasting me.

Start talking.
Start repenting.
Start giving selflessly.
Start learning to love.
Start today.


Jo said...

I love you girl. I wish I was closer to you.

Susie said...

My prayers are with you!!