Wednesday, April 7, 2010

this Easter...

...the kids wore blue and white.

Madison found the golden egg filled with money.

Brady sniffed(inhaled) a flower.


Brady is so very happy that Jesus Christ rose from the dead!

Aren't you?!


Sari said...

FINALLY! update... :)

Kiddos look beautiful, as usual. Maddie's hair is getting so long again.. :)

Great pics, sis. And yes, so thankful for Jesus Christ.


Susie said...

It is so good to see someone posting about Jesus on their blog. You have beautiful children. I came across your blog through a scan. I really enjoyed reading about your life. I am a grandmother who has a post for my granddaughter. I watch her M-TH every week. My blog is

Anonymous said...

I think these pictures turned out pretty good. Even Micah scowlling! The azaeleas are now in full bloom so get their Easter outfits back on and let's do it again...I know...ha ha ha.