Tuesday, March 2, 2010

three is a magic number!

Dear Brady,

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy! I remember the day you were born like it was, well, three years ago. Your Daddy and I were so happy to finally meet you. I couldn't wait to meet the little boy who had been kicking me constantly for nine months. I wondered what you would look like. You melted our hearts.

Just look at your pruned little feet. How precious you are!

Your brothers and sister were so excited to meet you! They were all giggles and couldn't wait for a turn to hold you.

What a blessing you have been to our family, Brady. I can't imagine life without your smiling face and your contagious laugh.

Here you are on your first birthday enjoying a bite of cake for the first time.

And here on your second birthday you are extremely excited to dig in!

It seems like you are actually bracing yourself for the impact.

And here we are today on your third birthday. With your long blond hair(No, I still have not cut it) and blue eyes, I wish you a very happy birthday! I love you so much! May you continue to grow in God's love and always have the zest for life you have now!

Love, Mama

1 comment:

Sari said...

Has it been 3 yrs already?!
..I remember waiting to hear the good news of your precious arrival, little Brady..

Happy Happy Birthday little monkey :)

We love you!