Sunday, February 28, 2010

straight talk

Do you feel neglected? Do you feel like you have been let down?

I am sorry you feel that way. It has been extremely busy around here. I have neglected my blog and my blog readers, and for this I am truly sorry.

This weekend alone our children had three birthday parties to go to. That's a lot of cake and ice-cream! Which, by the way, not one child brought me home any. I told them next time, don't bother coming home without a slice of cake for Mama!

I have been gearing up the last few weeks for the launch of my new business. I will post all the wonderful details of this later today! I am very excited and I know lots of you will be excited as well! So stay tuned!! I have pictures as well.

Friday was my parent's 33rd Wedding Anniversary! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! You both are wonderful witnesses to a Godly marriage.

The kids are all doing great. Luke has had some sinus issues and we are trying to regulate those. Nothing seems to give him any relief. He is still as funny and clever as always.

Madison got to go shopping for some clothes this weekend. Let's just say she is her own person and has a unique style. I would not have it any other way!

Micah is the best snuggler in the WORLD! He needs a haircut and claims he saw an alligator and a snake walking in the woods the other day!

Brady is obsessed with Superheros and wears his Batman costume all day long. He turns three next week!

My husband still loves his new job. He is letting his hair grow out. He looks very handsome in a suit!

I am Mama. And I always will be. 

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Gina said...


A week between updates!

Do I feel neglected? Nah! Just happy to see that all is happy in your house. Isn't it funny how all the birthday parties happen together.

I'm looking forward to reading about your new business launch. Just don't leave us in suspense for a week till you fill us in...