Saturday, February 20, 2010

road trip

I am finally getting around to sharing the pictures from our recent road trip. I know right! What is my deal? I should have been on top of this and posted them the moment we returned home. As if I have been busy raising four kids and taking them to and from school, ballet, the park, grocery shopping and chess club. Excuses excuses.

We had a blast at the McWane Science Center. The kids ran around like mad exploring the different exhibits. My husband and I ran around like mad trying to keep up with Brady.

This is the one and only time Brady was still for a matter of maybe three seconds. As he lay on a bed of nails.

This is what Madison's hair looks like in winds up to sixty miles per hour.

Micah posing for a picture as he tries to pull his own weight.

Daddy trying to pull his and Brady's weight.

Brady pointing at the Tyrannosaurus Rex behind him.

I have no idea the name of this exhibit the boys are busy with. 

Micah suspended on a bike three stories high.

Madison digging for dinosaur bones.

Luke in a tornado.

At the end of the day we were exhausted from the superbly fun day we had. On our way out the door I had one more request for a picture of all four kids in front of this wall. I knew I had to make this count. And quick. I had one chance to get a decent picture of all our kids together.   

Not too shabby huh! I was pleasantly pleased...and surprised. This almost never happens with just one shot.

I can't wait for our next road trip adventure with our kids! They are the best travel companions a mom could ask for!

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