Tuesday, February 16, 2010

head, shoulders, knees and toes...and ears

Recently, my daughter got her ears pierced. It was actually a Christmas present that was long overdue. Nonetheless, she and I had a mother-daughter day and shared this moment together.

She is very proud. What a gorgeous profile she has!

She wanted her first pair of earrings to be her birthstone but they were all out.

So she went with the pink flower. Lovely choice in my opinion.

She is such a kind hearted little girl who loves spending time with her Grandmother.

She takes excellent care of her littlest baby brother. 

She holds her own in a neighborhood full of boys.

She adds the perfect amount of femininity to our brood of boys.

She loves to sing and dance.

She writes her own songs and performs them for us.

She has her own sense of style.

She is friends with everyone in her class at school.

She loves wearing lipstick and really high high-heeled shoes.

She has a crooked toe.

Her skin is a gorgeous olive tone and her eyes are a very dark brown.

She has two loose teeth.

She always offers to say the Blessing at dinner time.

She is very concerned about wasting water when using the sink, but would take like a ten minute shower if we let her.

She is the queen of asking questions.

She has her ears pierced.  


Jaimin said...

So sweet. Such a beautiful girl you have. :)

Sari said...

Beautiful Maddie. Your earrings are just lovely!
We did the same with Syds - waited until she was old enough, about Maddie's age, to have her ears pierced and made it a very special mommy-daughter day.

Love your pics :)

Gina said...

What a beautiful girl you are Madison.

I'm glad you got to have a girly day with your Mom!