Thursday, January 21, 2010

you decide

Are the following images hair do's or hair don'ts? You decide.

This image above looks like it would be a hair do. Nicely framing the face and fabulous natural blond color. Every woman's dream!

The image below is a hair do as well. Some lovely layers in the back falling ever so whimsically over his ears.

Not too sure what is going on with his hair in the image below. Perhaps he just woke up and has not had time to fix it. Maybe he was too busy playing with his cars or eating string cheese to look in the mirror and realize he is in the beginning stages of mullet hair. Whatever the reason I would have to peg this has a hair don't. 

Oh heavens! The full side view! Love it?! Hate it?!

Hair do or hair don't? You decide.

1 comment:

Sari said...

With that beautiful blonde hair and those bright natural highlights I say a definite Hair Do. I wish..