Saturday, January 2, 2010

best picture EVER!

The picture below brings a smile to my face everytime I walk by it in my bedroom. I LOVE this picture! It is one of the best pictures ever taken of any of my children. Just look at their adorable, loving, precious little faces. I could eat these two to bits!

This picture was taken at Disney World in 2004, if memory serves. Luke had newly turned five and Madison was three.

I am able to share this photograph with you becasue I got a wonderful new scanner/copier/printer for Christmas. I scanned a photograph for the very first time!

Oh believe you won't be the last. I have plenty more pictures of past where this came from.

But for now, look at them again. 


Sari said...

Am I the only one who sees a spitting image of your Dad and Mom in this picture? WOW.

Start scanning woman! I know you have some memorable pictures we all want to see! :)

the ref said...

You are not the only one!! Luke has Farrell features for sure! And, if you saw baby pics of my Dad, Luke and Micah both favor him in different ways.
A lot of people have said that Maddie and my mom look alike. They both have dark skin and dark eyes.

Good eye Sari...good eye!


Gina said...

Beautiful photo!
Happy scanning.