Sunday, December 13, 2009

cleaning and potty training

I have been cleaning today. Sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping, and washing. My kitchen floors were yucky, as Brady would say. And in fact, I put Brady to work helping me clean those yucky floors. He held the dust pan while I swept the filth in it. He helped me wipe down the kitchen chairs as well. He is resting now from all the hard work.

We have decided(actually I have decided, my husband has not been informed yet) to start potty training our two year old. I brought the toddler potty in from the garage and got it all cleaned up. Within twenty minutes of putting in our bathroom Brady went potty two times! He seems to be taking to it well. So far. He has never shown any interest in using the potty. I would love to save twenty bucks every couple of weeks so I am putting a potty training plan in place. Wish me luck. We all know how the bedtime routine back fired, and continues to. Sigh. 

One thing is for sure, Brady still loves to swing.


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