Sunday, November 15, 2009

What an emotional couple of days it has been. I have been high. I have been low. I have floated somewhere in the middle. I wish I was one of those people who could just let things roll of her back. Not have a care in the world and just go with the flow. I'm sorry that is just not me. Never has been. I tend to take things personally. I tend to be very passionate about certain issues and I don't have a problem letting you know! Ahem. I am confrontational. My dear husband is not. I am an emotional person. I lay my heart on the line. I am ok in doing so.

Luke has been running a fever off and on since he was very sick the week before last. He is complaining about his legs hurting and the pain has brought him to tears. My husband researched this ailment and seems to think it is growing pains. I hate seeing my kids in pain.

I also hate seeing them turn purple and pass out! Brady, our two year old, had a Breath Holding Spell last night. I know now that this is common, but holy moly I was sure frightened! My situation changed in a matter of moments and I paniced. The worst crossed my mind of course. It didn't last long, thank goodness. He is back to his old habits today though!

I have been loving on him lots today. I will miss him so much when he and my husband travel this week. It will be difficult to wave them goodbye. Course I will probably be half asleep seeing as we are leaving at 4:15am to drive an hour to the airport.

So that leaves me, Luke, Madison, and Micah home together this week. I'm sure we will do lots of Guess Who playing, picture making, and test studying. Luke ran a high fever today so he will not be going to school. Poor babe.

Ida, the Tropical NOTHING,  came and went in our area. Very disapointing to be completely honest with you.

Ready to tackle another week. Please continue to pray for my husband's Aunt Lori. Please keep my husband and Brady in your prayers as they travel far away this week.

Have a great week everyone!


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Staci said...

I too am a very emotional person and take things way too personally at times. We can't help who we are can we? I am trying hard to learn to let go of things but it's hard.

I am right there with you on the sick kids. I'm pretty sure Lucy's fever is gone but she has a wet nasty cough and lots of "stuff" clogging up her head. Sleep is but a memory these days.

I hope travels go well for your husband and son and I'm sure you'll have more than enough to occupy your time until they return! Hope your week gets better.