Friday, October 23, 2009

week in review

What a busy week. Here goes...deep breath.

A local hospital did a vision and hearing screen at the children's school a few weeks ago. Madison failed her vision test. She and I went to the eye doctor Tuesday afternoon. Turns out she does not need glasses. Maddie was a little disapointed!

Wednesday night we ate dinner at the church and Luke had his meeting with Ms. Kimberly. He has such a good time with her and Aaron and I have seen an amazing transformation in him! We are so proud of Luke!

Aaron has been on vacation this whole week so he has been preparing for the camping trip tonight. Luke and Micah have been super excited since they found out on Wednesday they were going. It is Aaron, Luke, Micah, and Papaw roughing it in the woods! Pray for no RAIN!

Report cards were sent home Wednesday. We are very proud of Luke, Maddie, and Micah for their wonderful progress!

Today was Grandparents day at school. Each grade, K-8, put on a performance for all the grandparents, parents, siblings, and even great-grandparents who were able to come. It was a full house! The Grandparents were invited back to their child's room or could go on a tour of the school. Our three did great!

Happy Friday everyone!

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