Thursday, July 26, 2012

dear diary,

I am feeling stressed out. My neck hurts and my fainting spells are coming back which i can only relate to stress. This possible move has my body out of whack. I have been researching schools, homes, sports leagues, churches... you name it...I have googled it. Decisions decisions. It is difficult to make these important family decisions without knowing anything, except what I have found out online, about the area we might be moving to. I am looking forward to visiting Albany and Leesburg next week with my husband. Hopefully some of my questions and concerns will fade away.

I made chess squares the other day for the first time. How scrumptious are they? Really scrumptious and so easy to make.

I have been on the lookout for quilts. I stopped by the some local thrift stores and checked out what Target had. I found one I like at Target. I will keep a watchful eye for it to go on sale.

My kids are all doing great and don't seem to be phased one bit about our possible move out of state. Luke seems to be the only hesitant one but his attitude remains positive, for the most part.

The boys will be starting football here real soon. They are so ready and frankly so am I.

I want to eventually do one of the boys rooms grey and orange.

We still do not have a headboard for our bed. I am in search of one I can repaint or upholster. I need a good deal. And I am thinking about hanging chicken wire above our bed as well.

We are off soon to the dentist so Maddie can have two teeth pulled.    

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