Friday, June 22, 2012


As I write this, Brady is taking fire wood from the fire pit and stacking it in front of the back door. I do not want to stop him because it is keeping him busy.

Today Micah rearranged his room, which he shares with Brady. His bed now blocks anyone from entering their room, unless of course you jump over his bed.

Brady prefers going commando.

Maddie told me today that she wants to work at the food counter at Sam's Club. I'm pretty sure her main reason is to have an unlimited supply of cinnamon pretzels at her disposal. I tried to steer her away by telling her she would have to wear a hairnet. To my dismay, she's okay with that.

Micah LOVES listening to music.

Maddie is an early riser and a list maker.

Brady has a temper.

Every evening when my husband gets home from work, all four kids stop what they are doing and run to hug him. It melts my heart.

Luke has an awesome sense of humor and we really connect because of it.

Brady loves to draw and is obsessed with taping his masterpieces to doors.

I know 5 women who are pregnant and my cousin just had her baby boy less than a month ago. I'm trying not to get the fever.

Lastly, my husband and I are going to our church's date night this Saturday where we will get a salsa dancing lesson. Super excited we are!

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