Friday, May 25, 2012


I despise folding sheets. I have no idea why...I just do. I have a laundry basket in my room full of clean sheets waiting for someone to fold them. Anyone? Anyone!

Brady slept at my mom's house last night which means I got a good nights rest. No playing musical beds.

School is out for summer. Yahoooo! We survived our first year of home schooling. All limbs and my hair intact. I am still at peace about our decision to homeschool so we will continue. I am already thinking about next year, making a few changes, adding some new curriculum and fun schedule tweaks.

Luke turns 12 the end of this month. 12!

Browsing through our family calendar, it appears we have lots of activities going on  for the summer. Luke and Micah are taking a golf clinic, Brady is doing a soccer camp and Maddie is doing a two week long drama camp. With VBS, art camp, and music camp thrown it, it looks like we will have a great summer!

We went to Bayside Academy's graduation Sunday evening. It was such a lovely ceremony. For those of you who don't know, my brother would be graduating this year. His classmates left an empty seat in honor of him. The Salutatorian, Martin's good friend, had such kind words to say about him in her speech. Then the Head Master presented a diploma to my parents. It was so special and very emotional.

So glad it's Friday. And a three day weekend for my husband! We have family in town.

I will leave you with a few of my recent favorite photos(despite some shadows).


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