Monday, April 9, 2012

live your life on purpose (part 2)

If you want to read part 1 of our story, head to this post.

 Did you think our story ended there? No way! The best was yet to come! Truth be told, our story will forever be growing and adapting. As with everything in this life, there will be good seasons and bad seasons. What you choose to take and learn from those times has the potential to change your life forever. Choose with meaning and carefulness. Do every little thing you do on purpose.

When I left you in part 1, I had three young children and I was alone, struggling and searching. My faith was tattered and fragile. I was working full time at Old Navy. A friendship began with a co-worker. He was somewhat quiet, polite and respectful. Our circle of friends spent a lot of hours together. Over time, he and I started noticing one another in a new way. An exciting way. We talked about everything. We were very similar, and yet not. Eventually, he met L, M and M. We all fell in love. Aaron and I were married March 18, 2006. Luke was 5, Madison was 4 and Micah was 2. Three months later we were pregnant! Brady James was welcomed with ten open arms to our family on March 2, 2007. It was a very special time in our lives.

Here we are five years later. Luke is 11, Madison is 10, Micah is 8 and Brady is 5. Aaron and I recently celebrated 6 years of marriage. I have learned so much from my husband and our children. My faith has gained much strength through the joy of my family. I want to live my life as a testament to God's love and forgiveness. I want the grace of God to shine through me. Not so people can see me and my works. Rather that others may see God and his works.

I am not at all proclaiming that I am perfect. But I am a perfect example of a woman who has sinned and felt the consequences deep in my soul for a long time. Once I knew I had already been forgiven by my heavenly Father, because of the debt he paid on the cross, I could start to live my life on purpose.


Anonymous said...

You are precious. A real example and testimony.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I have read and rereread your post. It is a very meaningful example of the power and healing in God. No matter what comes our way, we have been given all the grace we need to live in the now victoriously.