Monday, November 21, 2011

me, Brady and a goat

I can't believe I am actually sitting at the computer and blogging right now. I think I have mentioned this before, but I blog in my head all the time. It is just the getting it compiled in a post that seems to be the trouble. At night, after our four children are tucked in, all I want to do is spend time with my husband. Now that our children are home during the day you can scratch blogging right off my list of things to do. I might get a moment to sit and write but the interruptions aren't worth it. So blogging has been pushed aside. And I love to blog, I really do. It is a release for me. Therapeutic at times. A venue for me to be honest and straightforward about...everything. The good the bad and the ugly. This is my outlet.

So I am going to do my very best to blog on a regular basis. As regular as possible at least. It will be good for me.

The following is a story for your enjoyment.

Two Sundays ago I was at our church preparing for CCD(Sunday School). I had Madison, Micah and Brady with me. My classroom is very close to our priest's office and the hallway where our priest's dog stays. M, M and B heard Wilbur the dog barking and decided to go see him. They were looking at Wilbur through the glass door. Wilbur got very excited and continued to bark. So here comes Fr. Steve checking on Wilbur wanting to know what has gotten him all excited I'm sure. The kids hear Fr. Steve coming and step aside. Brady, our four year old, turns to Fr. Steve and says with his side smile in a low sorta voice while waving, "Hey Jesus." I wish I had it on video because it was the funniest thing! Fr. Steve was gracious as always.   

If you have not had the pleasure of witnessing Brady's side smile, I leave you with this.
And if you are wondering, yes, the goat has a side smile as well.

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