Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lists and such

I have to write down things I want to remember. Otherwise, yes, I will forget them. Sticky notes are my best friend. Lists are my lifesavers.
I picked up this handy little magnetic weekly calendar for a dollar at Target last year, but just recently started implementing it in to my routine.
 (after) Yeah, it doesn't stay blank for long.
Where have you been all my life little magnetic dry erase weekly calendar that stays on my fridge for quick reference?
Can you crack my code?! 


Sari said...

Love Love Love these! I try to pick one up when I find them for $1.00 because inevitably they get used so much that they do not clean up well after a while. Little things that make life easy(er)!

I have one just for Sam with peel-able stickers that he likes to help me put on too :)

Anonymous said...

oh yes I can! L= Luke MJ= Micah Joseph and MR= MADDIE ROBYN!!!!