Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luke and the winds of change

I am sitting on my bed. It is about 1pm. Brady is beside me. This is the time of day I hit a wall and sleepiness starts to overcome me. Does this happen to you? Is there a point in the day you get really tired and have to either snap out of it  because your four old has escaped and is running rampant around your neighborhood or close your eyes for a bit?

Our oldest son, Luke, is 10 years old. He will be 11 the end of May. It has happened. The beginning of the outside world penetrating our happy bubble of nothing but Christian music on the radio, inexpensive shoes from Shoe Station and Mama being the only "crush" on his mind. Say goodbye to these three things and I am sure more will follow sooner than later. How does he even know the words to the pop songs? I certainly don't listen to that music! Can we PLEASE go back to the days of NeedToBreathe, The Beatles, The Police and whateverelseIchoose!

Two weekends ago, Luke smooth talked his way into Grandmom's heart...and wallet. He was convinced he needed a new pair of basketball shoes. Not just any pair. Jordans. It took about 3.5 seconds for Grandmom's heart to melt and she was convinced he needed new shoes as well. So, off to the store we three went. He found a pair of Jordans he liked. Grandmom obliged. She even asked if he needed new shirts or shorts but he kindly said, "No thanks, I'm good." Wait...I retract that statement. What he actually said was "Mom, maybe you can just go out another day and pick me up some shirts and shorts and bring them home for me to try on." Oh please, can I! Of course my dear child, that is exactly how I want to spend my days. Driving to and from the store day after day because Picky Pickerson can't find shorts that hang exactly an inch beneath his knee. I think I would rather be punched in the face.

Really he is such a good kid. Has the best sense of humor, independent, knowledge-seeking, has a memory like no other and misses his Uncle Martin a lot. If I could freeze him and keep him 10 I would, because I hear it's all down hill for the next few years.



Staci said...

My time of day is about 3pm. Of course that just so happens to be the time that Max and Abby get off the bus...hmmmmm...connection? :)

That is so funny about Luke telling you that you could go out and get some stuff for him to try on...well, you ARE his personal shopper aren't you? :) I'm all for Grandma buying some shoes too. If she can get suckered in by a handsome face and a sweet smile then I say go for it Grandma :)

Max will be 8 at the beginning of May and I am already starting to see signs of this. He is obsessed with all things military right now so I am seeing lots of camo. He's always been ALL BOY so this really shouldn't come as a surprise to me ;p He has started doing some Michael Jackson dance moves though and I wonder where on earth he is learning them. I am a country music girl myself and we don't watch music videos so he must be learning them from his friends at school. I wish I could keep him this age too...I'm not ready for what comes next!

the ref said...

Staci - It's mind boggling to me that no matter how much we as parents filter and keep the inappropriate stuff out, it one day seems to seep in, in some form. why is that? don't all parents want their kids to be kids as long as possible? all that grown-up stuff can wait. sigh.

That is too funny about Max and the Michael Jackson moves!! is it the moon walk?!

I was talking to a mom of one of Luke's friends Yesterday and she said all her son wanted to wear was leisure shorts! It drives her husband crazy. I told her i am right there with her, and as parents we must choose our battles! It's nice to know i am not the only one!!!

Erin said...

The part about you going back to pick up the shirts and shorts was too funny! I love how kids think.