Wednesday, February 16, 2011

why I made the decision for our family to be part of adopting an African village

Yesterday, I made a bold move for our family and joined 100+ people in adopting an African Village, Ola Nagele. I feel great about my decision! But really it isn't about me. It is about something so much bigger than me.

Why did I choose to do this? Well, for a few reasons really. My heart has been heavy for awhile now to help those in need, locally and abroad. I want my family, especially my four children, to have a heart that is full of compassion, unselfish desires and pure happiness. I believe one way to achieve this is by serving others and helping those who need it the most. We have such luxuries. We are so fortunate and blessed to live in a place where anything is possible and most of our needs and wants are at an arm's length away. This is not the case for all. This is not the case for the people of Ola Nagele.

My husband and I are going through a very tough season financially. We have made arrogant choices with our money. We have not lived by a budget and are now paying the cost. It is tough. But it has been incredibly eye-opening for me. In the past, I thought my kids always had to have the cutest clothes and my house had to be decorated with the most expensive items. I was trying to keep up with the Jones', as they say. You know what I found out? I was never satisfied, content. Oh how I wanted to be content. And the Jones'? They weren't content either, though never admitting it! So I am learning to shred those desires and live within my means and live simpler. I love simple! For all kinds of stuff doesn't matter! After all, I can't take any of my stuff with me through the gates of Heaven!

Some of you might be wondering why I made the commitment to help this beautiful village in need when my own finances are unstable. Trust me, I asked myself that question too. I kept coming back to the same answers. It is a minimal amount each month. This is what we are called to do as God's people. Sacrifice, serve, love and trust in God, even in times of distress.

I learned about Ola Nagele and the organization that is paving the way, GHNI, through a blog that I follow closely, MckMama. I have never met MckMama. Nevertheless, she has touched my heart and inspired my thinking about my marriage, my parenting and my purpose. Thank you. 

Now that we have committed to helping this village, we get to share in the journey thousands of miles away by receiving pictures, emails and updates about the progress. Our family gets to see the changes being made and know that we had our hands in it. And perhaps one day, we will be so blessed to be able to visit the beautiful people of Ola Nagele.


Anonymous said...
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Sari said...

Luke 6:38 "Give and it will be given to you"

I have been walking this journey with you all from afar - you might not even know that I have been walking it with you as my prayers have been silent but constant for our Lord to bless you all. And reading about the changes that you are all going through - the "growing pains" which sometimes are so painful yet needed to get back on track - makes me smile. Because you are all so loved! Thanks be to God. You giving when you are trying to sort things at home is the perfect example of you - your soul, your goodness, your love in Jesus Christ.
Blessings to you, Aaron and your beautiful children. You will be blessed for all the rights and good you do.

I love you.