Friday, November 19, 2010

back in the sadle

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!!

Aaahhhhh. That is the sound of feeling good to get back to our home. We had a wonderful visit with my husband's family and wouldn't have missed Aunt Rachel's wedding for anything! I was reminded how good it is to spend time with our loved ones and the importance of telling our family we love them and they are dear to us. We all need to hear that every now and again.

Aunt Rachel's wedding ceremony was beautiful. She was beautiful! Our very own Maddie Robyn did a flawless job as Flower Girl. She was in her element, for sure. Brady James as the Ring Bearer....not so much. He was loud, constantly on the move and cute as a button all at once! He was an unstoppable force. Still is. But the show went on and I do's were exchanged!

Then the par-tay began.

We ate. We drank. We were merry. After dinner the unstoppable force fell fast asleep in my husband's arms. Or was in my arms? I can't remember. But I do know I held him the majority of the night and watched my family cut a rug! Luke was a sight to see. Our oldest son danced at a wedding for the first time. My heart beamed with joy watching he and my husband share this time together. Luke did everything my husband did, from roll up his sleeves to loosen his tie and clap his hands. It was precious. Pretty soon Luke was on his own letting loose and busting moves. I sat with Brady in my arms and couldn't take my eyes off them. If I could have froze that moment in time, I would have.

Pictures? Why, of course I have pictures. Only 438! But you will have to wait. Why? Well I have been busy doing other things like unpacking, catching up on laundry, helping children with make-up work, wiping up spilled milk and sifting through 610 emails. That's why.

Gotta run...Brady is on the move.

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Susie said...

Glad to see that you all had fun. Wedding can be lots of fun.I bet the kids were adorable all dressed up.