Sunday, October 10, 2010

busy bee with a heavy heart

We are the bee family.
The bee family has been very buzzzzzy.
Haha, buzzzzzy.....get it!
Bees make a buzz sound.....

OK it's not funny.

Well we have been busy, that is for sure and not at all funny. Well at times it has. It has been tiring, wonderful, exhausting, hilarious, productive, did I mention tiring?

My husband was gone all last week on a business trip. So very glad to have him home. The kids missed their daddy bunches.

Do you ever talk and feel as though no one is listening? Like talking to all four of my children at the same time. Sometimes I feel out numbered and ignored. I get looks of confusion and perplexity. "Mom is that a second head growing from your neck?" "Mom is that a pig flying in the sky behind you?" I doubt that my children are actually asking these questions in their heads, but there are times when the looks on their cute little faces looks as if they might be.

I love my children oh so very much. And I want the best for them. I want to leave a legacy. My heart has been heavy lately with all sorts of desires for our family. As a family we are going to start volunteering once a month in our community. I want us all to know how blessed we truly are and be able to unselfishly give to others.

Our family is purging, simplifying and organizing. We had a garage sale this past weekend and sold clothes, furniture, toys, electronics, household items, baby items and more. We were very pleased with the outcome and got to know neighbors we never even met before!

What's up with all the birthday parties? Since school started we have had at least one birthday party to go to every weekend. My new favorite gift to give. Sonic gift cards. $5 bucks buys a kid a meal. Love it!  


Staci said...

I am so glad you said that about the looks your kids give you! I get the same ones and I was worried it was me :p I keep checking to make sure I am speaking English instead of a language they don't understand. I often feel outnumbered too...even when daddy isn't out of town :)

I am trying to purge/organize as well. Any helpful tips. I have 3 in school now and trying to keep all the paper work organized has been a challenge. I have a couple of ideas but would love to hear how you do it. Have a great week!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

I am a new follower! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!! I enjoyed reading your post!

Living on Love and Cents said...

Sonic Cards are a great HI! Thanks for linking up at Making Friends Monday! I am now following you. I hope you have a great week! idea!

Abundance Yeah said...

Great blog. Following from Blog hop

Free Gal said...

I know what you mean about the bday parties! I have one scheduled almost every weekend in Oct. and just got another invite for the first Sat. in Nov!!!

Also, I just purged, too. I took some stuff on Tuesday to the consignment store! Made another appt. for Jan. since its a regular thing for me! :)

Hope you are doing well.