Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who am I?

1. I love to fish.
2. My favorite sport is football.
3. I am a big athlete.

Who am I?

If you guessed our oldest son, Luke, then give yourself a big pat on the back because that is correct!

At Luke's parent/teacher meeting night, moms and dads had to walk around the classroom and guess which self portrait was our child, based on the three clues given. As soon as I saw the above listed clues, I knew I had found Luke's portrait. The three clues were really helpful and I can spot Luke's handwriting a mile away. 

I am a big athlete?! My, we think highly of ourselves don't we! In Luke's defense he is a perfectly well-rounded child who excels in both academics and sports. I am not at all bias. Ahem!

I do have to wonder what is up with the mustache and black turtleneck. Luke can't stand wearing a polo for more that an hour at church let alone a restraining turtleneck!  

The stache is just hilarious!

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Jo said...

I thought he looked like Javon! LOL!:)