Wednesday, July 21, 2010

straight talk

I am pooped...too pooped to pop right now! And speaking of poop...

.....if I had to describe my days in four words, they would be "potty training with Brady". Potty training is not going as I had hoped. Actually, it is making me want to pull every last strand of my already thin hair out. Two poop accidents today. I was watching him like a hawk! Not good enough apparently. Sigh. You see, my Mom told Brady as soon as he poops in the potty she would take him to Wal-Mart and get him a Buzz Lightyear. Well that's all fine and dandy. But now, precious Brady thinks every time he teetees in the toilet and poops in his underwear he gets to go to Wal-Mart. It's just a conversation I would rather not have 10 times a day, which is what we are averaging right now. Do you have the same conversation with your toddler 10 times a day? What is it about?

I feel like the kids and I have been nonstop the past two days. We haven't even gone anywhere exciting, just moving from one project to the next. Yesterday Maddie and Brady painted.

Madison adores doing any kind of artwork, especially painting. She is creative and really uses her imagination when she paints/draws.

He is so serious.

While Maddie and Brady let painting rule their creative juices, Luke and Micah let legos rule theirs.


I love watching my kids use their wonderful minds to create such unique pieces.

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Staci said...

I feel your pain! Potty training Lucy right now is like two steps forward and two steps back! She will pee in the potty but as of right now if she poops in the potty it is completely unintentional...grrrr.....

Also, Max (my 7 year old) is totally into his legos right now. he goes to the lego website and looks at the photo gallery of what other people have made. He either leaves the picture up on the computer screen and sits in the office with his legos or I'll print off the picture for him so he can build them in his room. He keeps telling me that these different pictures "inspire" him :)