Friday, July 9, 2010

a bit about bums

We are such bums! Beach bums that is! Er, actually, pool bums, seeing that our beach is full of oil. But that hasn't stopped our family from packing up and coming down to Gulf Shores for the week. We have soaked up lots of sun and water over the past few days. And eaten lots of bagel chips and dips. Brady and I are taking a break in our condo untill Daddy joins us and the fun begins all over again.

My Dad has taken the boys fishing and they just love it. They have caught Pin Fish, Croker, and Micah hooked a Red Fish. They were all pretty tiny so we tossed them back. We have a great pier at our condo for fishing.

Micah and Brady have grown to be such great swimmers in the past few days! Micah no longer has to hold his nose everytime he goes under. He learned how to blow bubbles out his nose. No more one handed swimming! Yay Micah. I invested in a Puddle Jumper for Brady and from the moment he put it on he has been swimming all around the pool by himself. He even jumps in and goes under without it bothering his face! Yay Brady. So very proud of my boys!

Luke and Madison are tan as can be! They are having a blast with all their 2nd cousins loving on them. They have been taking turns with our snorkel mask and giant inner tube.

It's nice to be a bum every now and then!

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Gina said...

Glad to see you enjoying your summer!
There is nothing better than being a bum every now and again!