Thursday, April 8, 2010

stealer of my heart...and candy

Earlier today, this is where I found Brady.

He had climbed up on the kitchen counter and was stealing candy from his sister's Easter basket.

Instead of immediately getting him down and telling him not to climb on the kitchen counter because he could fall and hurt himself, I said to him, "Let me get my camera, okay, don't fall!"

Really, I said that to him!

Then I took an array of photographs of him!

Someone should really be watching him!


Susie said...

Thanks for the comment. No I live far south of Indiana and Michigan City is far north. I would guess about 4 and a half or 5 hours. You sound like me. I would have wanted to get his picture too doing that. Your blog is so neat. I just don't get to fancy with mine. I will be back,to read your blog.


Sari said...

THIS Angel-faced boy could not possibly be the same Brady who squeals and yells in the background when we are talking...? No way! :)

I swear your kiddos are meant for Kodak commercials. Too cute!

Umm, now get over there and take "taxes" (that is what we call all the good candy that Moms get to tax and take) from those Easter baskets - and send some to me.


Lion Rampant said...

Lucky his sister wasn't there !!!