Saturday, March 13, 2010

the scoop

Holy Moly I did it again! I have gone daaaaaaays without blogging! What is wrong with me? I think about blogging every night after putting the kids to bed. But to be completely honest with you, I have been so very tired at night I can't even find the strength to lift my arms and hands up on the keyboard. These days the life is being sucked right out of me. I have four children and a husband to thank for that!

We have been doing good though. It is baseball season and I am so ready for me some baseball! There is just something about watching my boys playing baseball that is so energizing and American. There is nothing else like it. Luke moved up to Minor League this year and Micah will be in T Ball. The boys are pumped. I am pumped. Now let's play ball!

I joined a Bunco group and went to my first game night last Wednesday. I met some really nice ladies and had a lot of fun. It was good to mingle with women and share stories and eat some good food. I look forward to meeting monthly.

My husband and I wisked away on a weekend trip to Destin, Florida. We attended a marriage conference and ate at the Melting Pot to celebrate our anniversary coming up. We had a wonderful time and I promise to tell you all about it later. Well, perhaps not all of it!

I have rid my house of juice. I now serve mostly water and the occasional milk to drink. I thought I was going to get lots of whining and complaining about not having juice but was pleasantly surprised when the kids took to the idea. They agreed that juice has way too much sugar and water is much better for us! We also switched to organic milk and/or almond milk. We had been drinking 2% for the longest time.  

What have you been up to lately? Any changes or updates I should know about?



rachelzdyb said...

Finally a long awaited blog! I better see some great pics of the boys & their baseball. Love you all lots! Hugs & kisses from Indiana

Sari said...

We LOVE Almond milk and soy milk over here. YUM! And the juice thing, great idea! Boy, you are whipping your family into SAHM shape, aren't you?! You go girl!

Dr. Oz has a list of foods that you should always buy organic..

Staci said...

I'm right there with you on not blogging lately. I want to and I mean to but I can't seem to get the time or energy to do it when I want to! I'm like you, 4 kids and the husband are taking all I've got right now ;p My husband an d I recently celebrated an anniversary (of sorts) as well. We went out this past Tuesday the 9th to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our first date!