Thursday, February 4, 2010

this happens at least three times a day - Part 2

I wrote a post yesterday about Brady and his adorable, yet very messy face. Sometimes it feels like Groundhog's Day around here. You ever get that feeling? It's as if I do the same things over and over and over....and over again every day, all day long. Wipe Brady's face, pick up a mess of puzzles, turn a light off, wipe Brady's face, sweep the mess off the floor, wipe Brady's behind, step on Brady's cars that are all over the kitchen floor, hang my dear husband's bath towel on the towel rack(that is where they go honey. Not draped over the shower door. Ahem.), pour a child juice, get a child a pickle, tell Brady to stop hitting, wipe Brady's hands off, tell Brady that stupid is a naughty word, assemble the roll of toilet on the toilet paper holder(yes, that is where it goes, not resting on the top of the toilet paper holder. Weird I know.), clean up the spilled cup of juice, tell Brady to leave the DVD's alone, and then throw Brady in the bath tub because wiping him down just won't cut it this time.


Sweeping the kitchen floor. Sounds like a move right out of the Karate Kid movie. It's one move that does not happen often enough around here. Gross right. I know. And you would think living in the deep South with all the nasty bugs, roaches specifically, I would make it a point to sweep after every meal and especially at night. So one would think. Luckily, I haven't encountered a single roach in our house since we moved in over a year ago. I hate roaches. With a passion. They are disgusting. Grosser that gross.

Now granted, I would never leave my floor looking like this.

This is what my kithcen floor looks like after Brady eats his meals. No, he does not eat on the floor, though it may appear so. He sits at the table like the rest of us. But this is what he leaves behind. This is what I clean up at least three times a day. At least.

How it gets under the boy's chair is beyond me. No wonder he is always sneaking in the pantry!

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Staci said...

Brady and Lucy would get along great. She is in the pantry all day as well. I have bought a lock for the door though...I bet that's going to tick her off :) Your days sound like mine...just change the names of the kids.